Wsdot Local Agency Agreement Supplement

Additional Eligibility Criteria (July 31, 2017) Requires pre-approval for projects funded by the FHWA through WSDOT and local programs. Use them if you have included additional project-specific criteria in your offer documents. If used, also use 1-02.1, 1-02.13, 1-02.14 Option C and 1-05.13. The holdback in lieu of the bond (May 17, 2018) should not be used for FHWA-funded projects. For contracts under $150,000, use where your agency allows a 10% holdback instead of a performance bond. (2 fill-outs – contract amount up to $150,000 and retention percentage up to 10%) Use this practice only if your agency allows this practice. Non-discrimination requirements (October 1, 2020) Must be used for FHWA-funded projects if local WSDOT programs have given you a DBE goal. (2 fills) For email addresses: Eastern Region – North Region – North West Region – Olympic Region South Central Region – Central South Region – withdraw, revise or complete the proposal (23 July 2015) Can be used for projects funded by the FHWA. Use for all projects unless you allow electronic tendering and this section of the standard specifications works for your agency. The Recycled Materials Proposal (4 January 2016) can be used for FHWA-funded projects. Must be used by all local government agencies with a population of 100,000 or more residents in all transportation, road, road, highway or other transportation infrastructure projects.

Required to comply with a new law that comes into force on 1.1.16 (SHB1695). Suggested use form provided here. (This percentage proposed by the bidder will only affect the successful selection of the bidder if the bid amounts are identical.) Coordination of contractual documents, plans, special provisions, specifications and supplements (10 December 2020) can be used for FHWA-funded projects. Use this option to add your published default plans/details from the local agency to the leaderboard. . Payments (March 13, 2012) Can be used for projects funded by the FHWA. .