Windsor Essex Catholic District School Board Collective Agreement

2. The Ombudsman`s arbitrator remains seized and can deal with all matters within his jurisdiction until the implementation of the new collective agreement between the parties. 4. If one of the parties does not execute the documents within seven days of conciliation of the parties` sub-directions, the documents come into force as if they had been executed by the parties and these documents constitute the new collective agreement. We learned that CUPE has announced that they intend to withdraw their services completely as of Monday, October 7, if no agreement can be reached with the provincial government. 6. Once the parties have entered into a new collective agreement on a bargaining unit, the Employment Relations Act 1995, the right to strike of members of the collective agreement unit and the right of the board of directors to exclude members of the bargaining unit are governed. We ask our students and their families to remain patient while the provinces` collective bargaining process develops and we hope that a solution that meets the needs of all parties can soon be found. (3) The mediation arbitration in paragraph 1 does not concern wages and benefits for a period after the expiry of the collective agreement, even if the settlement relates to a longer period of time. (8) The award provides for a new collective agreement lasting three years. The details of the interim agreement will be known after ratification. As a result of the interim agreement, all OECD measures have been suspended. 1.

Subject to Section 6, no board of directors of one of the members of a bargaining unit may suspend or threaten. 3. The parties to the establishment of a new collective agreement before an arbitrator of the Ombudsman is appointed under this Act, no arbitrator of the Ombudsman is appointed. All WeCDSB maintenance and detention workers have previously ratified an agreement as part of the province`s new central bargaining process, which provided for 1% pay increases and a 1% benefit increase. The agreement ratified tonight by the workers solves many local problems with the WECDSB. As previously announced, all schools will be closed to students on Friday 21 February due to an OECD employment operation. (4) Despite subsections 1 and 2, a collective agreement remains in effect for the duration of the agreement. As soon as we know for sure if the schools will be closed on Monday, we will post information on the Board of Directors` website ( and on our Twitter account (