Vivado End User License Agreement

A LogiCORE IP Core Full license key (no source) allows full access to the LogiCORE IP Core network list and allows you to browse the entire design flow, including implementation, simulation, and bitstream generation. A design with kernels for which there is a full license can be programmed into an FPGA for later use. With a LogiCORE IP Core Full System hardware evaluation license, you can go through the entire design process, including implementation, simulation, and bitstream generation. However, bitstrom generated contains circuits that disable the design after 2 to 8 hours of operation at the typical core rate. The actual duration of the operation phase varies from one kernel to another. To restart the device, you need to reload the bitstream (reset or reprogram). To generate a license for your purchased or evaluation product, act as follows: 3. Licenses. Subject to the terms of this Agreement, Xilinx grants Licensee the following non-exclusive, non-transferable licenses: The tool license type is selected at the time of purchase. Yes, to generate a redundant server 3 license for a concurrent use license, the Xilinx license account or concurrent use license administrator must be located to the right of the “Redundant Server?” line. Select “Yes”. This allows the administrator to select or add hostID information for one primary backup server and two.

In a redundant license server system: three machines are identified as license servers, but only one is the master who can issue licenses. Each computer has an identical copy of the license file with three server lines, one for each identified server. Note: To use USB FLEX ID Dongle with Windows operating systems, you need to install the appropriate driver before creating a FLEXnet license to use it. Xilinx has grouped the tools by type of licenses and operating systems we provide. The Vivado Full Image Download is an all-in-one download, it contains the installer for all editions with SDK and Lab Tools. If you only want to install on a particular operating system, download the specific download of the operating system. To use the Web Install Thin client and download only the files you really need, download the operating system that matches your computer`s operating system. FlexNet Publisher Licensing, also known as FLEX and former FLEXlm Licensing, is a certificate-based execution licensing service sold by Flexera Software and used throughout the industry.

The certificate is an encrypted “key” that is located in a “license file”. Applications automatically attempt to revoke a license by providing the “key” for FLEX services. . . .