University Cooperation Agreement Template

To determine if the IU has an existing primary partnership contract, browse the registration or check out the list of key partners. In the context of international cooperation between two higher education providers, it is desirable for the parties to negotiate a confidentiality agreement before concluding formal discussions. Again, one wonders what the weight of a confidentiality agreement is, given that it can be difficult to implement, but experience shows that a confidentiality agreement can help to focus the minds of the parties on the implementation of adequate procedures for protecting confidential information that is disclosed to each other during the due diligence process. In addition to preventing the disclosure of confidential information by the other party, the agreement should also aim to establish minimum standards to ensure the security of the information. It may also attempt to prevent one of the two institutions from publicly discussing cooperation or from discussing it without the agreement of the other party. Finally, some confidentiality agreements are used to reduce the possibility for one of the poaching parts of the other`s key personnel. If a lengthy due diligence process is initiated, both institutions could obtain information on key collaborators of the other institution. The confidentiality agreement can be used to ensure that one party does not offer employment to the other person`s key personnel. Such an agreement cannot be used to prevent the relocation of staff themselves (it would be both a trade restriction and a denial of the principles of academic freedom), while the parties can prevent each other from actively addressing those staff. This model is a comprehensive university cooperation agreement that should be tailored to the requirements of your unit.

It includes exchanges of faculties and students, as well as visitation programs and other forms of genetic cooperation. Delete all sections that are not due to what you and the partner unit want to follow. The partner university may not use the name of a “cooperating institution” or the name of a school or department, or may not use logos or badges of XXX or a school or department of XXX, in any form of advertising or disclosure without the prior written permission of XXX, which may be retained or issued by XXX at its own discretion at any time.