Topa Agreement

(4) requires that the cost of all taxes and other state taxes collected and collected on assets during the term of the contract be directly or through a supplement paid to the landlord by the lessor; “It was really frustrating,” says Clara. “I had a legal agreement with the seller to buy the place, and I felt like it had been ripped off under my feet.” (C) Any changes to the transfer contract that would invalidate an exemption right must be reported in writing to the mayor and must be communicated to the tenant or tenant association. (5) extends the possibility of acquiring a shareholding in the property that may be exercised at any time after the contract is concluded, but which is exercised before the expiry of the contract; (2) extends the option to acquire the property for a specified amount at the end of the transfer, lease or charge and provides that a portion of the payments received under the agreement apply to the purchase price; (b) For the purposes of sub-chapters IV and V of this chapter, the terms “sale” or “sale” include the execution of an agreement whereby the owner of the accommodation accepts a certain number of persons, but not all, the following term: D.C. Act 16-15. (b) replace “sub-chapters IV and V in this chapter, which include the terms “sale” or “sale,” but not limited to the execution of an agreement under which the owner of the establishment agrees to certain conditions, but not all of the following conditions:” for “this sub-chapter, the terms “sale” or “sale” include the execution of a transfer, lease or debit agreement, depending on the owner; e.C. rewritten; and inserted. (d) furthermore. (d) The current law allows for a minimum bargaining period of 90 days after the current landlord has received the “declaration of interest” from the tenants. The 90 days may be extended by one day during which the owner does not provide the information requested by TOPA. The 90 days may also be extended by 15 days (during the initial refusal period) if the lessor enters into a contract with a third party before or during the negotiation period. If tenants do not collectively reach an agreement with the landlord, an individual tenant may extend the negotiation period by an additional 30 days. .

The tenant has 90 days to negotiate a sales contract, and if a contract is entered into, the buyer has an additional 90 days until the conclusion. If a credit institution informs tenants in writing that more time is required, the implementation may be extended by an additional 30 days.