The Friend Agreement Alexis Winter

When I think of Damon, a sigh escapes me. I`m in love with him as long as I remember, but he never treated me as anything other than his sister`s annoying friend. I understood when we were younger. I mean, he`s three years older than me. No senior wants to be seen with a newcomer. But now that we`re adults and out in the real world, I thought things were going to change. The way he acts towards me is the same way he has always acted: as an older child who attacks the smallest. He plays tricks, gives me names and attacks me as he always does. For a while, I thought it was just his way of containing himself, as if he couldn`t see me as a woman if he considered me a little sister, but he never showed any real interest, and it hurts my stomach. I feel like the same teenager who had to sit and watch him go out with a different girl every weekend and watch her touch her and kiss her the way I wanted.

It`s no secret that I harassed my best friend`s older brother. It`s no secret that I harassed my best friend`s older brother. He is the center of each of my insolent fantasies, and my new boss… That thick smile and those broad athletic shoulders. It`s a walking and talking temptation. Do you know what they say about a man with big hands? We grew up, we tormented each other. I was the annoying little girl he hated, and it was the arrogant douchebag that I couldn`t overcome. I know he is a heartbreaker. I know it is completely out of the frame. I KNOW my best friend would kill me.

But if I find out he wants me so badly, my panties melt faster than an ice cube in hell. A little taste can`t hurt, can it? It will be our dirty little secret… Or will he? “Oh, that`s right, that`s it.” He nods. “So where is ya?” “I`m planning,… One of these days. For now, I just want to relax, relax and enjoy meeting some friends. I want to make sure I want to stay here. Wyatt went out and went around the world. I didn`t see anything interesting. I`ve seen a lot of, but I wish I didn`t. Most of them still have nightmares for me. I hope I can contain them. What exactly are we looking for? My best friend, Maddie, asks how I do it again, another store at the mall.

I`m going to break my nose. Too short. I`m going to take another skirt from the next rack and show it off. She sniffs the laugh. Yes, it`s you. You always have that stupid look on your face.