Video – Steve Hurson – Tilted implants: The Biophysics with a Live Demonstration

From AAOMS 2012 Mr. Steve Hurson – Session 3

This presentation includes a novel demonstration of the loading dynamics on splinted tilted implants. The concept of tilting implants has been documented and scientifically validated as an optimal solution for maximizing patient quality of life with a minimally invasive procedure. But how does it work? Discussion will range from the evolution of traditional full-arch treatment to the contemporary options available today, highlighted by a live technical demonstration.

Mr. Steve Hurson (now retired) was the chief scientist for Nobel Biocare USA for 30 years. His research and development group is responsible for new implant developments and has been responsible for the design of the NobelReplace™ Tapered implant system and the Steri-Oss® implant system since its inception in 1984. Steve is a member of the Society for Biomaterials, the International Association for Dental Research, and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. He has lectured nationally and internationally on implant design, prosthetics, and HA coatings.