San Francisco Collective Bargaining Agreements

We have a preliminary agreement with the city and the county of San Francisco. Our fair contract campaign has led to the highest increases in the last 15 years. The negotiating team recommends a “yes” vote on this provisional agreement. Calling all city and district workers, nurses, courts, housing administration and non-profit workers gathered in SEIU 1021! Our strength lies in our unity and our willingness to act in the fight for our rights, fair contracts and the services we provide to san Francisco communities. Join other members of SEIU 1021 who are working to promote the rights of working families through collective solar measures. Don`t miss the launch of our SF CAT (Contract Action Team). The CTU team is leading the battle for victory at the negotiating table. The pensions of unionized workers are defined as part of collective bargaining. The UC has entered into agreements with several unions to accept the retirement choice program, as outlined by the regents. Uc will negotiate in good faith with other unions. Pending the completion of the bargaining process, members of other unions are covered by the provisions of their existing retirement employment contracts. Details can be found in your collective agreement and in the corresponding old age pension documents.

The University of California is working hard to establish industrial relations and negotiate fair agreements with the 15 unions representing more than 77,000 employees. The university is committed to providing some of the most attractive compensation, benefits and opportunities to make it an employer of choice. Below are details of the ongoing negotiations and existing employment contracts with each bargaining unit. Select your trading unit below for more information. The negotiating team recommends a “yes” vote on this provisional agreement. The negotiating team recommends a “yes” vote on this provisional agreement. During the negotiations, we lobbied SFMTA to invest in its employees and the services we provide to our communities. Our bargaining power was strengthened when we partnered with workers from other municipal unions to make this interim agreement a reality. We fought for a fair treaty for our members at the negotiating table and we stood united on the streets. . “When I found out I was going to work at city hall at the end of a prison sentence, I was really happy.

I never thought I`d be able to work in a place like this, San Francisco City Hall. SEIU 1021 employees and leaders work hard to protect your workplace health during the COVID 19 pandemic. Click here for employer-specific information, details and documents to learn more about what`s happening on your site during this eruption. . At its March 2016 meeting, the UC Board of Regents approved a new retirement program for future UC employees as part of a broader drive to preserve the university`s excellence and maintain its long-term financial health. The UC Retirement Choice Program came into effect on July 1, 2016 for new eligible employees. City Workers, Housing Advocates and Gig Workers March from San Francisco City Hall to Uber Headquarters to Deliver Message for Gig Companies to Stop Shortchanging Public Services Every week we`ll feature every day heroes: SEIU 1021 members who care for our sick and elderly, educate our children, keep our cities moving, and ensure that courts work for everyone. Please contact RSVP with the Member Resource Center at: 1-877-687-1021 Our regional meeting in San Francisco takes place every 3 Thursdays of the month. The dates of the remaining meetings in 2019 are: During the negotiations, we pressured the city to invest in its staff and the services we provide to our communities.

We were aware that our wages had to keep pace with the cost of living in the SF Bay area, and we won! After the fall of the director of the San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency (SFMTA), hundreds of SFMTA employees protested outside the disputed agency`s headquarters to ask the administrators and the mayor of the