Sales Lead Generation Agreement

9.06 Contracting Authority. The parties guarantee that they have the authority to conclude this agreement and that the conclusion of this agreement is not limited or prohibited by the existing agreements to which they are parties. In addition, the parties ensure and guarantee that the agreement has been approved and approved by all necessary measures of the company. Both parties guarantee and ensure that all those who carry out this agreement are entitled to do so. All misrepresented representations individually link the fraudulent party or signatory. CONSIDERING that eduTrades is interested in Whitney`s request for services with respect to the marketing efforts made and directed towards the database, and EduTrades wishes to enter into a binding agreement with Whitney, in accordance with the terms below. The seller should declare on the first-rate contract how long he must keep the promises he has made. The contract should indicate what is worthwhile in case the seller is unable to meet its obligations. In many cases, it would be normal to pay pro-rata shares to the seller or consider an extension of the program. Before approving the contract, you must consider the effects of the contract extension or the payment of the proportional portion. According to, part of the hours worked is paid on a pro-rata basis. The parties acknowledge and agree that Whitney acts as an independent contractor in the performance of services under this agreement and that not all Whitney employees, employees and agents are entitled to EduTrades benefits, including, but not only, workers` compensation. This agreement should not be construed or as a joint venture, partnership, agency, employer-worker or other relationships between the parties.

Not all employees provided by Whitney under this agreement are employees or agents of EduTrades, and Whitney assumes full responsibility for its actions. Whitney is not an agent of EduTrades and must not enter into agreements on behalf of EduTrades or hire EduTrades in any way. The rights and obligations of the parties are limited to the rights and obligations expressly set out in them. It is strongly advised to pay attention to each section of the contract. It helps to avoid too many problems that might arise later, especially if the lead generation provider doesn`t fill its side of the bargain. Learn to ask questions and ask for answers before putting the pen on paper and signing the lead training contract. Ask the provider to give you enough time to take the PDF wire creation contract into account and make sure you understand everything they`re saying. Never rush through the treaty so as not to lose more than you negotiated. Note that a contract is a binding agreement, that there are serious consequences in the event of an infringement. It`s exciting to have a new job as a freelancer, but before you get your foot in the heat, you should read the pdf thread creation contract and enter all the details. It wouldn`t be a problem if you don`t care about the source of the leads. However, if you cannot get this information, you can suspend two options, as demonstrated below: Exclusive Arrangement – A lead contract of the company is usually an exclusive agreement between the supplier and the company.