Review Wage Assessment Agreement

2.3 During the assessment period, individuals should receive specific training in the workplace. The person to be assessed must have sufficient time to achieve optimal performance before conducting a salary assessment. 3.3 Wage evaluation is organised and carried out by the labour sector. The Commonwealth Government pays for the costs of the first assessment and any subsequent audit by the swss assessor. Workers who are entitled to an assisted salary under Schedule D of the incentive price are not entitled to a minimum weekly allowance. In implementing the annual salary review, the panel is required under the Fair Labour Act 2009 (Act) to review the assessment instrument – the instrument under the support risk management system, which covers the assessment of the production capacity of the person who will be employed under the sustained compensation system. Where an arbitration award or agreement has provisions relating to the SSC, a worker entitled to a percentage of the minimum wage for his classification, based on his or her estimated ability to work. For example, a person with an estimated 70% work capacity is entitled to 70% of the corresponding rate of pay in his or her bonus or registered agreement. This assessment can only be carried out by a qualified independent evaluator. When a worker is covered by a bonus or registered agreement, an assisted wage can only be paid if: S7.10.2 During this trial period, the capacity assessment is carried out and the proposed rate of pay for a normal working relationship is set.

A disability worker may receive a percentage of the national minimum wage based on the estimate of work capacity. For example, a person with a 70% work capacity receives 70% of the national minimum wage. The work capacity assessment must be carried out by a qualified independent assessor. If the premium or contract is not included in the SSC, a disability worker must be paid the full rate of pay for his classification. The panel must take into account both the minimum wage target (see 284) and the “modern premiums” target (see 134). (a) The Business Services Wage Assessment Tool is no longer an authorized wage assessment instrument within the meaning of this clause. The continued use of the business services assessment tool under this clause is only permitted under this transitional regime. Your minimum wage is calculated differently from other premiums.

Workers are entitled to a percentage of the minimum wage for their classification. The percentage applied is the highest: for most premiums, workers who are entitled to an assisted wage can receive no less than 89 DOLLARS per week. promote the employment of people who are not fully exploited because of a disability and define the criteria, experimentation and evaluation, employment and the right of people who are entitled to subsidized wages under the Assisted Compensation System (SWS). 3.9 The assessment of the applicable percentage is reviewed annually or earlier on the basis of an appropriate request for reconsideration. The review process must be consistent with capacity assessment procedures under the SSC.