Perjanjian Kerahasiaan Non Disclosure Agreement

This means that we do not publish/claim the work as a portfolio. There are agencies that insist on cooperation agreements, some that remind us only orally, but obligations We respect this confidentiality. As a personal assistant, this profession certainly knows a lot of confidential information about its superiors. Both with business/business, as well as his personal life. In some cases, the superior stressed this confidentiality agreement regarding the employment contract of his personal assistant. In Indonesia, there are companies that use the term NDA, some call it a confidentiality agreement. The person who signs the NDA, whether it is an employee or a partner of the company, indicates that he has accepted the terms of the agreement. A doctor or hospital that has access to information about its patients is bound by this NDA agreement. We have taken over the information system for hospitals, where the hospital provides highly selective data to support our work.

For example, the patient`s medical record, they make an example/dummy, so that the initial patient data is not exposed. Patients` medical records. This confidentiality base also applies to the Code of Ethics Code Article 16. In the professional world, a confidentiality agreement (NDA) is a confidentiality agreement that binds the workers who sign it. If you look at some of the examples above, each profession`s confidentiality agreements are bound by regulated law, some are not agreed in advance. For those defined in the cooperation agreement, the legal basis is more or less referred to Article 1338 of the Civil Code (KUHPer): if it violates the treaty, the aggrieved person can put the case on the legal path. But even if it is proven that it cannot be entangled in the law, the parties involved in this problem will no longer be familiar with the other party in terms of ethics and standards, because it has such a bad reputation. As far as the economy is concerned, it is therefore very damaging to violate the NDA agreement. In this way, the person who signs the confidentiality agreement can really know what they are talking about and what they need to keep secret from anyone. Lawyer with his client. The basis of the relationship of mutual trust between the lawyer and his client led to the large number of client secrets that the lawyer knew.

This confidentiality must even be respected by the lawyer, even if the client is no longer bound by cooperation. Like the medical profession`s code of ethics, the confidentiality of lawyers and clients is confirmed in the Code of Ethics and in the Advocates Act, Sections 15 and 26. The examples above show that an NDA is only a one-party commitment agreement.