Parkdean Pitch Licence Agreement

9. To avoid doubts, the buyer is responsible for parking charges from 2022 at the current rates for the selected parking space. The amount of the discount is a sensitive issue, as Parkdean does not publicly indicate the precise breakdown of how parking charges are met. The numbers will also differ in different parks. “The holiday caravan contract is not an agreement to rent them the leave. Caravan Holiday Rental The agreement between you and the park owner or operator is a mandatory contact that influences your future use of the caravan, how much you pay and what you get for your money. That is why it is important. 1. Outside the park, nearby streets can be narrow and used regularly by large vehicles, some with equipment, cattle, sheep, pedestrians and cyclists.

Beware of the unexpected. Please drive with caution and at a moderate speed. If in the slightest doubt, if the encounters with horses or livestock stop and leave them in front of you. It puts the Initius on other street users and could improve the image of caravan users. 2. External structures around and between caravans, such as sheds, storage boxes, bypasses, balconies and fences may be subject to location license restrictions, fire safety regulations and planning rules. Our prior authorization is therefore required in accordance with paragraph 4.8 of the license agreement before the construction of such a structure on the site of the caravan. 3. Since you are responsible for the behavior of anyone who visits the park at your invitation, you are also responsible with them for the damage or responsibilities they cause and you may be asked to compensate us for any claims we receive because of anything they may or may not have done. 4.

We are only liable to you or your visitors for loss or damage if we have been negligent. You should ensure that your insurance coverage covers all of your proposed activities on the park. 5. Your license agreement requires that you have insurance from your caravan against all the usual risks, including fire, storm damage, third parties and public liability, are reasonable (no less than $2 million) and that you provide us with up-to-date information on this insurance if it is not organized by the park. 6. Fats, oils, powerful detergents and disinfectants disrupt the biological treatment process and should not be poured into the sewers. (Disposable diapers, rags, abandoned clothing and modern plastic feminine hygiene products, block sewers and pumps, some plastics are not biodegradable, please throw away others than runoff). Remediation and environmental services charges are included in the royalty account.

7. The services for each parking space are tap water, electricity and drainage of the network. Although the intention is to provide these services throughout the holiday period, the park is located in a rural area and section 3.1 of the licensing agreement states that we are not responsible for a service interruption beyond our control. 8. We want everyone who visits our park to have a good time and a safe time. For these reasons, we retain the right to change these rules from time to time; Make sure you become familiar with all the changes. 9. Persistent or serious breaches of these parking rules or inappropriate behaviour of caravan occupants depriving other occupants of the consumption of their caravans may lead to the termination of the licence agreement in point 11 of the licence agreement.