Paris Agreement Deutschland

This compromise was only reached thanks to an agreement to compensate the regions concerned (40 billion euros) and the companies concerned operating the coal-fired power plants (4.35 billion euros more) (Agora Energiewende, 2019); Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy, 2019). There was broad social consensus on the initial compromise. However, the timetable is still not fast enough to be compatible with a 1.5oC track that would require OECD countries to exit coal by 2030 (Climate Analytics, 2018). And while the government promised to enshrine in law the roadmap for the abandonment of coal by November 2019, it was not adopted until July 2020 and significantly watered down by the already weak recommendations of the Coal Commission. German politicians, climate activists, scientists and the media celebrated the “historic” Paris climate agreement. Some professional associations and activists pointed out the shortcomings of the agreement and most commentators agreed on the need for action. The result is a collection of reactions from Germany. Read the article here. The idea for a climate plan was born out of the coalition agreement of the CDU, CSU and SPD in 2013. The agreement states: “In Germany, we want to codify the new reduction measures in light of the European targets and the results of the Paris climate change conference from 2015 to the target of 80-95% by 2050 and to submit them as part of a broad process of dialogue with measures (climate action plan).” By comparison, the National Paris Agreement (NDC) for Germany is 55% compared to 1990 (which corresponds to the last cell in the table). [5] The plan is based on a gradual change achieved through a learning process involving the scientific community and accompanied by public dialogue.

[20]:6 It is therefore envisaged that the plan will be able and necessary to respond to changing technological, political and social conditions. The plan is reviewed every five years to bring it in line with the evolution of Germany`s national contribution (NDC) under the Paris Agreement.