Norton End User License Agreement

13.16.5. By downloading, publishing, publishing, distributing or distributing your content on the MTIP, you declare, guarantee and commit to each member of the supplier group that: a) you hold the property rights or have obtained all necessary rights or privileges from the parties concerned, in order to use your content and grant Vendor Group members all the rights, licenses and privileges necessary to use your content in accordance with this Agreement; and (b) that the download, publication, advertising, distribution or distribution of your content on the MTIP does not infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties or members of the supplier group, do not infringe the privacy or other individual rights of others, or violate applicable law. You take full responsibility for preventing intellectual property infringements, breach of privacy or other individual rights of others, or violating applicable laws regarding your content. You agree to pay all royalties, royalties and other funds owed to a person because of the sending, publication, advertising, distribution or availability of your content on the MTIP or members of the creditor group or partners who issue the rights, licenses and privileges you have granted under this Section 13.16. 5.1.1. Use an authorization code, license number, username/password combination, or any other number or activation number specified by the provider in combination with a solution (“activation code”) for or for the number of devices specified under the applicable conditions; Find the terms and conditions for your use of NortonLifeLock products and services, except as long as you have another agreement directly with NortonLifeLock that controls your use of the products and services. (f) “service contract,” an agreement between you and a customer that clearly describes the services you promised the customer. They must comply with all applicable U.S. and international export and re-export laws, including U.S.

Export Administration regulations, as well as end-user restrictions, end-uses and targets imposed by U.S. and other governments. Without departing from the universality of the above, you guarantee, guarantee and commit that: (i) you are not part of the rejected list, the unverified list, the entity list, the special list of nationals, the blocked list or other lists published by the United States government; and (ii) do not use, export or export a solution in or in regions, destinations, businesses or individuals that violate EMBARGOs or US and EU trade sanctions. You will keep any Member of the Vendor Group unscathed by and against any claim, claim, claim or procedure as well as any damage, liability, cost and expense resulting from your non-compliance with this Section 10. This contract relates to the use of certain software (“software”), associated services or hardware, and Rfirmware, including all updates (a “solution” each) in connection with which you accept this agreement, as well as any associated documentation. In this agreement, “supplier” means the entity identified here as providing the solution for you; “documentation”: all manuals and instructions for use provided with the solution; and “Conditions applicable,” the cumulative subscription period with device types, the authorized number of devices, other terms of transaction, terms and documents that you agreed to when you purchased the solution (including all terms of sale) and all terms of sale, sales contracts, partnership contracts or any other agreement between you and the seller or any other member of the supplier group, as well as other restrictions described in Section 2 and documentation.