Mndot Cooperative Agreement Program

A co-operation construction project, including motorway and local facilities, which allocates maintenance costs or tasks between MnDOT and local units. Project managers should define participation in construction costs and maintenance tasks at an early stage in the project development process, as the scope of the project and the purposes of the roads are defined. It is important to consider the direct costs of construction and the impact of routine maintenance, and then to document the responsibilities responsible in municipal agreements to avoid any misunderstanding between MnDOT and local government units. Where mutual benefits and transportation needs are proven, MnDOT supports cooperative construction projects with local government units. MnDOT developed this policy in accordance with Minnesota`s statutes and rules and in accordance with the current MnDOT guidelines. The “Related Information” section of this directive lists relevant references. Local agencies should work with new managers in the MnDOT area between April and July to review projects that may be included in the program. Project selection will take place in October and funding will be made available the following July. This policy provides a framework for determining the potential expenditures of road funds for co-operative construction and maintenance elements. The basis of this policy is that the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) participation is limited for drunken purposes. A cooperative construction agreement is an agreement between MnDOT and a local government unit pursuant to the Minnesota .161.20 General Powers of Commissioner, Minnesota Statutes `161.38 Special Agreements for Highways in Municipalities, Minnesota Statutes `161.45 Utility on Highway Right of Way; Relocation of construction or maintenance that is of interest to both parties. The Co-operative Agreements section provides means of building MnDOT basic roads as part of a selection process for local agencies for road improvement projects.

The program selects draft cooperation agreements initiated and managed by a local agency that includes a motorway where MnDOT funds are used for part of the project for the mutual benefit of all partners. The programme builds on the initiative of local agencies and their commitment to improving roads. The application and procedures for this directive are available in the manual. The manual provides details on the application of the directive to projects relating to cost and maintenance participation, costing methods and relevant contractual procedures. To understand the directive, procedures and avoid misinterpretation, use the guidelines and documents related to the manual. This directive applies to all Highway Construction Funds (SK), in particular public funds for road construction (SRC), including appropriations from the SRC budget for special MnDOT programs such as economic transport (TED), safety and mobility exchange (SAM) and Corridor`s Investment Management Strategy (CIMS). The CBC account consists of federal aid funds made available to MnDOT and state resources for the highway fund. All funds allocated to the CBC account are subject to account requirements and restrictions, including that funds can only be spent for Trunk Highway purposes, regardless of the initial source of funds.