Inland Rail Intergovernmental Agreement

“The construction industry will experience significant growth during the construction period, but the termination of the agreement reduces confidence in job security for our employees, support for businesses and suppliers and, ultimately, all sectors to more efficiently transfer freight transportation to the port and the world,” said O`Sullivan. The Queensland government has yet to sign the intergovernmental agreement for Inland Rail, fuelling concerns about project delays and uncertainty for local businesses. Inland Rail is a large and complex project. To provide the new modernized 1,700 km rail line, the program was divided into 13 sub-projects by the Australian Rail Track Corporation to facilitate delivery. Queensland has five sub-projects: the agreements were signed in 2018 by the authorities in Victoria and New South Wales, but the Queensland government has not given a satisfactory reason not yet to sign up for the project, which will create jobs and opportunities for the Queenslander. Inland Rail will offer the potential for better connectivity and greater rail freight from south and south-west Queensland and will benefit from the new inland rail infrastructure. “We call on the Palaszczuk government to sign the agreement so that there is no delay and that local businesses can benefit from Toowoomba`s growth wave after the second-row project,” Davenport said. Melbourne to Brisbane Inland Rail is an Australian government project to upgrade and build a 1,700km freight express train between Tottenham in Melbourne and Acacia Ridge in Brisbane within 24 hours of completion. “We are a major employer in the region waiting for the green light to equip ourselves and offer more jobs to our community. The Queensland government needs to find a collaborative way to work with the infrastructure program, alleviate unrest, create security and do so for the most part for all.¬†You can use our contracting table to find out about all contracts made directly and the contractor`s contact information.

In 2003, the Department completed the Study of the Gowrie Rail Corridor in Grandchester and, in 2010, the Southern Freight Rail Corridor Study for future use by passenger and freight services. During these studies, consultations were held with Community members and key stakeholders to address technical, environmental and cultural heritage issues. One of the requirements of the bi-lateral agreement was that these corridors be used, as far as possible, for the domestic track. For more information, visit the Grandchester Rail Corridor Study and Southern Freight Rail Corridor Study. Program – Pertains on contracts related to the supply of several projects throughout the Inland Rail program Another company in the sight of Inland Rail is Newlands Group, a local construction company that provides infrastructure solutions and construction services. CEO Barry O`Sullivan said Inland Rail was a huge infrastructure project at our back door and a game of change for many if we give the go-ahead. The information contained in this table is exclusively for information and may not be correct for all direct contracts entered into by ARTC. All information contained in this table is provided in good faith, but we do not accept any explicit or implied guarantees or guarantees as to the accuracy, relevance, validity, reliability, availability or completeness of the information contained in this table. The information contained in this table cannot be reproduced or published elsewhere without ARTC`s prior written consent. The panel will advise the Australian and Queensland authorities on flood models and structural projects developed by the Australian Rail Track Corporation for Inland Rail in Queensland. Freight movements in Queensland are expected to double in the coming years, with the fastest growth expected in south-east Queensland.