Ec Sales And Purchase Agreement

If you are eligible for the CPF Housing Grant, the funds can be used as CPF funds. We can also help you determine if you qualify for CPF Housing Grant. If you and your spouse are qualified, you will receive up to $30,000 to purchase your CE. Are the steps above incredible for you to understand? Don`t be intimidated by the trial. Here, our experiences and knowledge are useful in helping buyers who are not familiar with the sales process. Here`s the best part….. You do NOT pay us commission to do all the above work for you. Isn`t that a good deal? If HDB has authorized your purchase, the sales contract (S-P) will be sent to you. We can meet with you and your family to discuss the projects in detail. We will explain the process, the important details you must respect before you buy, and financial considerations.

Our task is to make sure that your shopping trip is easy for you. If you are having trouble getting the agreement or if you have a question to ask us, please contact us via our e-Feedback form. Now that you know you have the right to buy an EC and you know the price range you can afford, it`s time to look for new community projects and have the Cs pre-selected – you need to acquire an EC as part of one of these HDB systems: Public Scheme, Bride Scheme, Orphans Scheme or Joint Singles Scheme. After HDB has approved your request to purchase from the EC, which takes about a month, you will receive a sales contract (S-P) from the developer. You have about 21 days to exercise your right to purchase the device by signing and returning the S-P contract. As soon as the ballots are announced, the price list will be published. We are in close contact with you and will keep you informed of the price structure. We help you identify units that meet their requirements and clean up their product purchase. A number of “PDI” documents are set aside and you need to start them on each page of the forms. This document is essentially all of the plans, implementation plans, rules and regulations, items offered, changes to the standard sales contract, etc., which relate to your selected unit.

They have an obligation to read these points and approve them. If we are the business advisor who secures the unit, we will explain in detail what it is in the documents. For the actual base area of your device, developers have room to manoeuvre, without having to compensate owners if the device`s base area is less or 3% less than that shown in the sales documents. You still have three weeks after the delivery time to pay the 25% down payment for the accommodation.