Cs Energy Enterprise Agreement

As you know, voting on the Energy Queensland Union replacement collective agreement and the Energy Queensland Retail Union collective agreement will conclude this Friday. Many of our members have already voted, but if you haven`t already, we recommend. Earlier this month, Shane Brunker, chairman of CFMEU Mining & Energy Queensland, accused CS Energy of using the global coronavirus crisis as a pretext to stop giving its critical cleaners an employment contract. CS Energy is trying to enforce a company agreement stating that “the site is one of the cheapest energy producers in the country; Workers` demands are not just a tiny part of the $175 million in additional revenue CS Energy received this year – on the very backs of the workers they are trying to scam. “The government company CS Energy is tearing away terms from the current deal that will make local workers much worse,” Brunker said. In response to CFMEUs` accusations, Amos said that as CS Energy`s contract with PSW expires in June 2020, negotiations are underway to conclude a new deal as soon as possible. The service union, in collaboration with Energy Super, is offering some superannuation information sessions on Tuesday, November 24. These sessions offer Energy Super Members an update on the performance of their superannuation, changes in legislation and how you have your. “This is an untenable situation for workers.

These people put their health and safety at risk every day, but they are taken for granted. Brunker said employees of CS Energy`s facility contractor manager, PSW, have not had an employment contract since their company agreement expired in December 2019. “Negotiations between CS Energy and PSW for a new contract have lasted more than 15 months and we are still facing a decision on their future,” Brunker said. “Workers who have services to the company for more than a decade deserve better from the state-owned CS Energy than to be treated with total contempt and disrespect. Shane Brunker, vice-chairman of the CFMEU Mining and Energy Division, Queensland District, said members were deeply concerned about the company`s antagonistic, legalistic and anti-worker tactics against workers at the site.