Collective-Agreement-2017 Malta Pdf

A public sector employee or public servant is all employees of a government department or agency. Mario Cutajar, Permanent Secretary of Civil Service Administration, explained that state services are participating in some 70 different sectoral agreements that will enter into force over the next five years. Workers who work in shifts also benefit from a change in the shiftwork allowance, while those who have additional qualifications exceeding what is necessary for their work benefit from an increase in the qualification allowance. At the signing of the collective agreement, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said the government had continued to invest in the public sector in order to keep it in line with Malta`s rapid economic growth. The agreement will cover 30,000 public sector employees. These figures include both salary increases and allowances and are valid for a total of eight years. Dr Muscat focused his speech on the fact that this government is making progress on the issue of precarious work (Perkarjat). He stressed that there are concerted efforts and progress to ensure that workers who work with private companies responsible for performing work in government departments such as a cleaning company are paid in the same way, and that workers directly employed by the government and who perform the same work are paid in the same way. The agreement guarantees an increase in the salaries of public administration employees from the first year of entry into force of the agreement.

Signatories to the agreement include the General Union of Workers, the Malta Chambers of Psychologists, the Malta Midwives and Nurses Union, the Maltese Teachers` Union, the Malta Medical Association, the Haddiema Maghqudin Union and the Union of Engineers and Architects. A new collective agreement was signed today for public service employees. This is the fifth collective agreement for public servants, but the first over an eight-year period. The aim is to ensure greater stability, while the public administration continues to implement the necessary changes, invest in people and provide quality service. The new agreement covers around 30,000 people and represents an effort of €17 million for 2017, which will increase to €20.5 million by 2024. This includes increasing both wages and certain allowances. The agreement provides for an increase in the salaries of public administration employees from the first year of entry into force. This increase amounts to around €16.5 million in the first year and reaches around €20 million when the agreement expires. The agreement also ensures that workers who continue to work after retirement age do not lose their right to early retirement leave, but can now benefit from it after retirement. Shiftworkers benefit from a change in their shiftwork allowance.

Workers who possess a supplementary qualification necessary for their activity shall benefit from an increase in the qualification allowance. . . .