Btc Purchase Agreement

2.4. No refunds. All sales are final. The seller will not refund the buyer`s money for any reason that is not indicated in this agreement. The down payment of 50% of the purchase price will not be refunded under any circumstances. In cases where the seller makes an exception and accepts a refund, the seller will refund to the buyer all the money received from the seller, reduced by a 10% tax on the bottom, in case of a full order, and the buyer will no longer resort to the seller. Since they would have to pay a transaction fee to make their purchases, AnonGirl and its co-donors no longer pay – but because they end up reduced, by combining multiple transactions and saving bytes, they can pay smaller transaction fees, so each of them saves a small amount of Satoshis. Contracts are transactions that use the decentralized bitcoin system to enforce financial agreements. Bitcoin contracts can often be designed to minimize dependence on external agents, such as the court system, which greatly reduces the risk of negotiating with unknown companies in financial transactions. The seller wants to sell a device that automates the purchase of bitcoins with banknotes, and the buyer wants to buy a commercial device that fulfills this valuable function; 3.3. Non-responsibility clause of marketing guarantee and guarantee of fitness. Goods are not consumer goods. The goods are sold “as we shall see.” The buyer bears all the risks of quality and performance of the property.

Unless explicitly stated, it is the buyer (not the seller) who pays for the full maintenance or repair costs if a device proves to be defective after the purchase. The seller sells the goods to the buyer without any guarantee of market continuity. The seller also sells the merchandise to the buyer without any guarantee of adequacy for a specific purpose, and the buyer acknowledges that no fitness guarantee could be offered due to the many technical and legal uncertainties to come regarding Bitcoin. 4.5. Technical assistance. No service plan is included. The seller offers one year of free technical assistance for warranty issues related to the faulty components of the device. The agreement does not contain any type of service or repair plan for goods.

The technical assistance plan can be purchased separately in accordance with our Service Level Agreement support. The CoinJoin technology described above costs participants a small amount of Satoshis to pay the transaction fee. An alternative technique, the CoinJoin buyer, can actually save satoshis and improve their privacy at the same time. AnonGirl waits in the IRC chat room until she wants to make a purchase. She announces her intention to spend Satoshis and waits for someone else to want to make a purchase, probably from another dealer. Then they combine their inputs in the same way as before, but put the expenses on the separate addresses of the dealers, so that no one will be able to discover only from the history of the block chain which of them bought something from the traders. 2.2. Payment plan. The buyer must pay the seller a down payment of 50% of the purchase price within 15 calendar days under this agreement.

The full payment of 100% of the purchase price by the buyer is a precondition for this agreement. If the buyer does not pay 50% down payment within 15 calendar days, the seller can cancel the buyer`s order, the seller has no other obligation to the buyer. Alice is not a criminal, she just wants plausible denials about where she spent her Satoshis and the number she has left, so she launches the Tor anonymity service on her computer and logs in as an AnonGirl in an IRC discussion forum. 6.1.