Bigo Live Host Agreement

Hosts can only make one valid day in a calendar date. Bigo-hosts can earn $150 – $10,000 in a month. The salary depends entirely on the amount of gift goal you have achieved in a month. The minimum goal for closure is 20,000 beans and the host receives $133 for the same. Beans is a virtual currency from Bigo Live that has a value of 210 beans = 1 USD. BIGO also pays these creators. On average, these content creators who sign a contract earn US$1,000 per month, most of which is paid for by BIGO. Some of the money also comes from the communities that a host builds on the app. Do you have to be the host of BIGO to get compensation? Log in to the interviewer on Gast live (video call). Bigo Live-Moderator is now recruiting beautiful young women to become the official host of the video streaming host position. You can work full-time and part-time, Bigo welcomes experts and beginners to start hosting. Enjoy being part of the official bigo-events. Bigo Official Hosts receives more payments than a normal host.

If your talent is still in hiding and you are looking for the right scene to show off your creativity, then Bigo Host can help you get all of you. Becoming famous, receiving fans, looking for money, chatting the world with your singing, moving, standing or something a gift are the beans a host receives from the audience as an appreciation or support for streaming. which has different plates, as shown in the table below. Becoming a host on Bigo is necessary if you want to maximize your income on Bigo. .