Apotex Deferred Prosecution Agreement

Roberta Loomar, Apotex Corp.`s Vice President, Counsel-US General, said, “Compliance is something we take very seriously, including our compliance with antitrust laws. This activity, which took place a few years ago, was clearly in line with our compliance, training and culture policies. With this resolution, we underline our commitment to continually improve our compliance and training programs and to expand our controls to ensure full compliance with all antitrust laws. Under the agreement, Apotex Corp. will continue to take steps to improve its compliance program, training and employee monitoring. The Cartel Department also announced an adjourned Prosecution Agreement (DPA) for the indictment of Apotex. The company agreed to pay a US$24.1 million fine and admit that it conspired with other generic drug sellers to artificially increase the price of pravastatin. The only counting accuses Apotex of having communicated with competitors about the price increase and then of having given up offering competitive offers to customers who had previously purchased Pravastatin from a competing company. As part of the data protection authority, Apotex has agreed to cooperate fully with the ongoing criminal investigations conducted by the Cartel Department.

As part of the agreement, the parties will file a joint application, subject to the Tribunal`s agreement, to delay the duration of the CCA to pursue and pursue the charges against the defendant. The agreement follows three other such agreements with generic drug manufacturers and three guilty pleas by generic drug industry leaders because of the progress of a sectoral investigation, according to the Department of Justice. Another industry exec, who is facing a charge, is awaiting trial. In this newsletter, as part of our ongoing series on Canada`s Deferred Prosecution Agreement (“DPA”), we are once again waiting for the United States for possible improvements to Canada`s DPA program. It is one of the latest developments in an ongoing investigation into more than 20 of the country`s generic drug manufacturers. The sector fuelled mistrust when observers saw, for the most part, both an abnormal and upsetting rise in generic drug prices. Prices have doubled, tripled and, in some cases, increased by almost 1000%, which has raised serious concerns among buyers and opened the sector to the survey. In addition to the DOJ`s criminal prosecutions, nearly half of the country`s attorneys general and various individuals and institutions are following the case through collective and direct action. Show original content: www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/apotex-corp-resolves-us-federal-government-antitrust-investigation-regarding-generic-drug-pricing-301055108.html Apotex will pay a $24.1 million fine under the agreement, admit price agreements and enter into a deferred lawsuit agreement. “Today more than ever, we recognize and appreciate the importance of life-saving drugs,” said Justice Ministry Deputy Attorney General Makan Delrahim.

“When the creators of these drugs conspire to raise the price of profit, the weakest suffer from us. That is why, within the cartel department, we are committed to continuing the agreements of the generic drug industry. Last summer, the DOJ officially announced that it would allow prosecutors to resolve criminal investigations with data protection authorities in some cases. [6] The DOJ`s Cartel Department stated that “prosecutors may act through a Deferred Prosecution Agreement (DPA) where relevant actors, including the adequacy and effectiveness of the company`s compliance program, demonstrate this.” [7] The Department of Justice announced an agreement on deferred criminal prosecutions (DPAs) and a $24.1 million fine against Apotex, Inc., a Florida-based generic drug manufacturer.