Agreement Mut

Many of the provisions of the agreement were included in the sectoral agreement signed by the MUT and the government in December 2017. These include provisions such as progression and training initiatives, new learning aid teacher classes 3 (LSE 3) and kindergarten teacher 3 (KGE 3), time structures instead of additional leave. We have also seen problems with social media, especially as online contact between educators and parents has increased significantly. Mut has published a series of guidelines and advice for educators on safe Internet use, particularly with regard to communication with students and parents. In particular, the MUT had to argue against instructions and injunctions contrary to the spirit of professionalism agreed within the working group, where members indicated that they had been ordered to use a particular platform or medium through others. The MUT has ordered all members to avoid, after approval within the working group, instructions that limit methods or flexibility and that such cases should be reported to the MUT. MB: Decisions on audits have been announced by the Government of Malta in agreement with the MUT, and we are pleased with the decision taken in the current very difficult and unique situation and that it will continue to work to overcome the logistics of the decisions that have been announced to protect educators. The role of the MUT as a union and its successes in this area should hardly be underscored. Teachers know that they can count on their union to negotiate wages and working conditions. Indeed, in 1947, 1953, 1955, 1959 and 1962, the MUT was able to obtain salary increases for teachers. In the late 1960s, the MUT achieved another success in its representations with the Salaries Anomalies Commission. In 1974, the MUT negotiated another reorganization agreement, but the union`s greatest achievement was recorded in 1988 by the passage of the Education Act, which officially recognized education as a profession.